Outdoor Advertising Media Types

Outdoor Advertising is the biggest source of marketing and branding globally and it will keep domenating the other form of advertising channels in long run too.

Out-Of-Home (OOH) outdoor advertising is also having a lot many type of inventories and media types inside it which can be categorize in more than 50 categories starting from micro to macro level.

The best part of the wide channels is that it gives a wider choice to the brand owners to choose basis on the size, location, type of inventory and most importantly over the cost. All the media type in outdoor advertising actually works of three matrics which are:-

  1. Type of Promotions
  2. Location of Inventory
  3. Duration of Inventory

Out of these also the second matric i.e. Location of the Advertismenet plays the major role to define the cost of the campaign, so do check the location wisely when it comes to opt for outdoor advertising.

Below are the different type of media inventory available in Out-Of-Home (OOH) outdoor advertising to select for your future advertisement.

  1. Unipole OOH
  2. Moving transport/Transit OOH
  3. Wallscape OOH Advertising
  4. Street OOH Marketing
  5. Airport Lounges, Airline OOH Advertising
  6. Event OOH advertising
  7. Corporate Buidings and Shopping Malls OOH Advertising
  8. On-the-Go OOH Advertising
  9. Roof-Top OOH Advertising
  10. Bus Sheltor OOH Advertising
  11. Highway OOH Advertising
  12. Trade-Fair OOH Advertising

If you would like to explore more OOH intentory type and location then do visit our OOH & DOOH Inventory type and get in touch with our sales to expand this in details.

So, in a nutshell there are numerous options available to choose from OOH advertising and you can easily get this fit to your budget and range.

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