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Shopping Malls & Corporate Building

One of the mass attractions locations to advertise the innovative products.

Highways & Intersections

Where every category of audience crosses every day and a great place to highlight the brand.

Airports, Airport Lounges & Airlines

When mid to premium class audiences travel and recognize the brand.

Metro, Buses, Trucks & Transit Shelter

Best mode to advertise inside different parts of the city and to go close to users.


One of the most preferred modes of promotion for FMCG, BFSI, Health & Beauty kind of category brands.

Fuel-Pumps / Gas Stations

Where audience from every class and category visits on & off.

Residentials & Office Premises

Best places to attract audiences of every age and category (kids, adults & senior-citizens along with Jr. Executives, CEO, CXO, HNI’s)

Grocery Store/ Coffee Shop

Best places to target Females, young audiences.

Liquor/Wine/Beer Store

A place to target the youngest audiences. - 10th - College Campus – Best fir for all the Loans & Insurance, Credit Card, eCommerce, Grocery category to market.

Cinema (In-Theater) / Cinema (Lobby)

Where everyone from every category visit and catches the glimpse of your brand.

Doctors Office Waiting

To advertise for Health Insurance, Medical Supplies kind of category.

Golf Course Grounds

Where you meet all the HNI’s to showcase your brand quality.

Gym & Restaurant

Tap all the Health enthusiasts and outdoor dining lovers.


To target all the beauty lovers.

Rideshare / Taxi Interior / Taxi Top

To advertise exclusively in front of one or two targeted audiences.

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