Innovations foster
brand growth

Embrace Realism and Present Your Property's True Nature

Transform your properties into 3D 360 METAVERSE that help your potential customers truly explore your world.

Sitting at home, give them a glimpse of the real you to instill trust in your brand and product. Tell them everything about the entire production, process, and product journey architecture.

We assist you in creating a creative and realistic 3D virtual tour

  • Educational Institutions (College, University, School)
  • Factory, Plants, Warehouses
  • Newly Announced/Upcoming Real Estate Project
  • Open a new retail location or close/replicate an existing one in a virtual world
  • View and experience restaurants, hotels, resorts and homestays
  • Virtual try-ons for e-commerce and online shopping stores
  • And a tonne of more categories and sectors.

Even the 3D Virtual Tours were personalized by us

  • Embed Text & Video Chats
  • Add Animations
  • Add an actual Host
  • Multiple Themes to Switch
  • Polls & Quizzes
  • Add Gamification
  • Custom Enquiry/Survey Forms
  • Custom Ambient Audios
  • And many more exciting features.

Explore the vast array of opportunities and innovations by bringing your brand METAVERSE with us.

Metaverse benefits

The aim of taking your brand or warehouse or retail store or your virtual meetings in the METAVERSE is to establish a fully immersive environment where audiences can feel and work together as if they were in an actual workplace. There are numerous benefits to have a Metaverse environment for your brand which can be a game changer for your product & servcies while showcasing in front of the targeted audiences.

Think about conventional Zoom meetings, normal 2D videos where it might be difficult to maintain focus among the 2D sea of faces and the fact that some attendees haven't even turned on their cameras and where the customers are bored to see the same monotonous normal videos of the brand and products. Meetings and customization in the metaverse are a welcome change.

In the METAVERSE, you can:

  • Keep an eye on involvement in discussions.
  • During meetings and interactions, keep track of each person's attention.
  • Keep a track record of the whole user journey including how many and which all pages/sections a user visited, who all reached to the Checkout page, how many abandoned the cart or how many actually filled the enquiries.
  • Capture expressions on faces with high-end virtual reality headsets.
  • Include live sessions of the department/vertical head or give users a chance to interact with the Senior management and to allow users to share the feedback or even allowing them to ask and resolve their queries.

METAVERSE provide an experience that is different from that of video conferencing, which can be intellectually taxing. You can use an avatar to represent yourself in place of spending hours upon hours staring at your reflection on the screen. Or you can create an AI generated avatar which will do everything on your behalf acting as an Brand Ambassador for your store. This change significantly lessens the general anxiety and awkwardness that come with making traditional video calls.

Let's wrap up by saying that METAVERSE environments are more engaging and natural since they go beyond the constraints of traditional video conferencing and normal 2D videos. Audiences can interact, understand visual cues, and communicate more easily thanks to immersive technology and metaverse avatars, which all contribute to a less stressful and more pleasurable meeting experience.



A fully immersive 3D 360-degree version of a company's present 2D webpage.

Virtual Tours

Assisting clients with virtual tours and interactions of available and unplanned properties.

Retail & Galleries

A fully interactive, fully immersive 3D METAVERSE retail experience.

Educational Institutions

Better, more immersive learning through the reconstruction of historical or futuristic environments.

Immersive Animations

Immersive animations will bring your spaces to life and impress your clients.

Custom Forms

Create custom forms for lead generation, feedback and more and gather valuable data.

Role based Access

To create a feeling of exclusivity, give your guests access to particular areas or information based on their jobs.

Custom 3D 360 Design

Choose from one of our pre-made designs, send us your own, or allow us to start from beginning and create a unique design just for your brand.

Custom Ambient Audios

By customizing the ambient audio in your 360-degree venue, you can enhance the immersive experience and make it even more immersive.

METAVERSE features


Pick from one of our ready designs, share your designs with us or let us create a custom design from scratch to suit your brand.


See your spaces come alive with immersive animations that are sure to wow your customers.


Host a few hundred guests or even a million and more without any hassles, with 360X’s infinite scalability.


Grant your guests access to specific information or specific zones based on their roles and create a sense of exclusivity.


Easy switch between multilingual content across the platform so you can host guests across geographies, with localised content.


Set access limits and guest previews to video networking calls so your guests can pick and choose the right networking table for themselves.

Create Virtual Tours, Innovate
your Brand & Products,
Engage Customers!

We create digital worlds with infinite possibilities.

Reach out to us to schedule a demo or just to browse the many ideas
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Your foray in to the METAVERSE awaits!

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