Let them try and Buy

The best technology for virtual try-ons to improve customer satisfaction.

With state-of-the-art glasses technology, provide your customers with an immersive and realistic "try-before-you-buy" experience in real time on any device.
Boost the sales of your eyeglasses/jewellery/cosmetics/shoes and increase conversion—up to a 90% increase in the online conversion rate and an 5X increase in drive-to sales.

Experience Virtual Try-On

Virtual try-on


Experience the shoe in its entirety for the various occasions you wish to wear it.


Virtually try-on the jewelry to experience its grace, beauty, and elegance.


invest in moments that make your wrist sparkle, try-on virtually to feel the grace.


Try-on the final accessory that fits to you and make you more adorable.


Try it first, then purchase the items that suit you well and always make you seem amazing & gorgeous.


Perfect fit for all the fashionable items to try on and purchase.

Fulfill the Expectations of Your Potential Shoppers

When it comes to fit and sizing, "close enough" is not satisfactory. It takes more than just size charts and basic size suggestions to succeed in the garment eCommerce industry and you need to work on a live environment to:-

  • Lower down the product returns and cart-abandon
  • Convert Showrooming Customers
  • Cut down on the discomfort and expenses of fit-related returns
  • Convert the Impulse Buyer’s to actual shoppers with cutting edge technology.


Offer the Perfect Fit & Fell Your Customers Desire.

The modern consumer demands customization from their online encounters. Prioritize your clients by offering virtual fittings, and reap the rewards of seeing fit preference in action:-

  • Match customers in a fraction of seconds to their ideal size and fits.
  • Customize & Personalize their Online Shopping journey.
  • Show them the actual feel of the clothe or Jewellery or Watches to have a feeling.
  • Motivate them with suggestions to have a broaded selection and catalogue.


Utilization of

Virtual Try-On Power

Virtual try-ons are a cutting-edge technological innovation for the whole e-commerce and retail sector. You can take full advantage of their advantages, boost customer engagement, draw in more passive customers by encouraging them to try more products, which will ultimately result in a purchase and increase your revenue.

Virtual Tailor

Be a virtual tailor to someone, making the products uniquely tailored for them when they purchase them.
Offer them an extra finishing touch feeling with styling suggestions.

Beauty Guide

Assist all the beautiful women in the globe by offering a wide range of try-on options till they are completely satisfied and feel comfortable purchasing the item.

AI Ambassador

Assist them in finding the jewelry of their choice by acting as their virtual ambassador.
Give them virtual try-on options so they can experience the originality.

Fashion-related insights

Give your clients a variety of product-related information, such as size, color, fitting, and fabric details.

Bring Products to Life

Customers are sick and tired of lifeless, motionless product photos that don't do your products justice?
Give them life with virtual try-on technology.

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your Brand & Products,
Engage Customers!

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